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You asked and we listened! Below are custom listings so you can find the volunteer opportunities that work for you.

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Volunteering at Hammond Elementary
The old proverb is right! It takes a village to raise a child and we need your support. Volunteering is easy and fun! Just follow these quick steps to volunteer:

STEP 1: Sign up on the Class Distribution List - Quickest way to inform of opportunities. You don't need to be a member of the PTA to volunteer. The PTA is just helping our school by coordinating all volunteer opportunities in one place.

STEP 2: Take the Volunteer Training and fill out appropriate forms
A. HCPSS Volunteer Training - Sign certification form and send to front office.
B. HES Volunteer Training - Watch this video
C. HES Volunteer Training Confirmation Form - Enter name in form confirming you took the HES Training

STEP 3: Sign-up for opportunities listed on this site! That's it!

Special Volunteer Positions
Grade Level Coordinator (GLC) Positions
The grade level coordinator (GLC) is responsible for coordinating grade level events. This includes working with teachers, helping team parents who are executing the events as well as communicating information and/or needs to the volunteer coordinator for a given grade throughout the school year. The GLC will have a major role for coordinating events that require grade level participation like Halloween Party, Valentine Party, teacher/paraeducator gifts, and End of Year Picnic. Interested? Send a quick email to Donnita Mennealy, Volunteer Coordinator (volunteer@hespta.org)
Team Parent Positions
The team parents are responsible for working together with their GLC for grade level events. While team parents won't be assigned to a single homeroom, team parents will make sure all homeroom/grade level events go smoothly within a given grade. The team parents will have a major role in coordinating the events like Halloween Party, Valentine Party, and End of Year Picnic. Interested? Send a quick email to Donnita Mennealy, Volunteer Coordinator (volunteer@hespta.org)
Volunteer for PTA Board Positions
If you are interested in volunteering for any of the PTA board positions, please contact Jen Beaverson, PTA President (president@hespta.org). HES PTA will start recruiting for our Executive Board and Committees in March 2017 for the 2017-18 school year. There will be lots of communication, but if you are interested in learning more now, please contact Erin Roberts, PTA President (president@hespta.org).
Volunteering Opportunities