PTA Meeting Dates for this year:
The Mission of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
The mission of the Hammond Elementary PTA is to positively impact the lives of students, teachers, and parents. The PTA is a child advocacy organization that represents and impacts every child in the school house. The PTA supports and enhances the children's elementary school experience in many ways both in the school house and through community events. The PTA cultivates a cooperative staff and parent relationship through staff appreciation events and cooperative planning. The PTA also encourages parental and public involvement in the school through its many volunteer opportunities. At times, the PTA will advocate on behalf of students, families and the local school to the larger school administration and county government. The more members we have, the louder our voice when we speak out.

Roles and Responsibilities

Executive Board and Delegates
PresidentJen Beaversonpresident@hespta.org
VP - MembershipAnika Huntermembership@hespta.org
VP - CommunicationDonnita Mennealycommunications@hespta.org
Volunteer CoordinatorDonnita Mennealyvolunteer@hespta.org
SecretaryMelissa Waggonersecretary@hespta.org
TreasurerElizabeth Hookstreasurer@hespta.org
PTA DelegateMike Schmeckpeperdelegate@hespta.org
PTA DelegateTeiko Campbelldelegate@hespta.org
NewsletterLynne Bradycommunications@hespta.org
WebsiteScott and Donnita Mennealywebmaster@hespta.org
Facebook PageVictoria Bokharifacebook@hespta.org
DirectoryLinfeng Chencommunications@hespta.org
Nominations/Bylaws Committee 
ChairStephanie Jonesnominations@hespta.org
Co-ChairLuis Medinanominations@hespta.org
MemberSarah Fahrendorfnominations@hespta.org
Fundraising Committee   
ChairChristie O'Brienfundraising@hespta.org 
Co-ChairJen Beaversonfundraising@hespta.org 
Fall Festival Event ManagerStephanie Jonesfundraising@hespta.org 
Holiday Shop Event ManagerNina Shearerfundraising@hespta.org 
Winter Family Event ManagerMaria Roccofundraising@hespta.org 
Spring Sprint Event ManagerTBDfundraising@hespta.org 
Restaurant NightsLara Akinsanyafundraising@hespta.org 
Box Tops Event ManagerDenise Lindsayfundraising@hespta.org 
Spirit Wear Event ManagerSarah Fahrendorffundraising@hespta.org 
School Supplies Event ManagerSarah Fahrendorffundraising@hespta.org
Student/ Staff Activities Committee  
ChairErin Robertsactivities@hespta.org
Student Enrichment - Event ManagerChristinia Armstrongactivities@hespta.org
Staff Appreciation - Event ManagerErin Albertsactivities@hespta.org
New Families - Event ManagerSumaira Bajwa and Allison Witherowactivities@hespta.org
Talent Show - Event ManagerSumaira Bajwaactivities@hespta.org
Multicultural Night - Event ManagerVACANTactivities@hespta.org
Art Grant - Event ManagerSarah Fahrendorfhammondesgrants@gmail.com