Welcome to Hammond Elementary Community

New Families Program is a new HES PTA initiative. We hope we are able to help you feel welcomed. Towards the end of the school year we will ask for feedback from new families and the ambassadors and make every effort to improve this program for years to come.

HES Ambassadors

In order to assist families who are new to HES community with their transition, HES PTA is a proud to present the following HES Ambassadors:

Name Email Kids' Grade
Allison Witherow allison_witherow@yahoo.com Grade K & 2
Jen Beaverson president@hespta.org Grades K & 3
Luis Medina luis.medina@gsa.gov Grade 1
Jackie DeBella jacquelyndebella@yahoo.com Grade 1
Lynn Hacker lynnrhacker@gmail.com Grades 1 & 4
Donnita Mennealy donnita.mennealy@gmail.com Grades 2 & 3
Melissa Fitzgibbon fitzgibbon.melissa@gmail.com Grades 3 & 5
Michele Johnson chelejohnson2@yahoo.com Grades 4, 6 & 7
Sumaira Bajwa bajwasumaira@yahoo.com Grades 5 & 8

A lot of information that can be helpful for new families is available on this web page. Please use this as your first resource to get answers to your questions. However, if you need any information that is not available here or you have questions specific to your child's grade, please feel free to contact the ambassadors on this list.

New Families Meetings

HES PTA will hold meetings at the school to serve as meet-and-greet events. All new families and the ambassador families will be invited to attend the meetings. The format of the meetings will be as follows:

We request that people bring their calendars to these meetings so they are able to schedule playdates for their kids.

School Operations

Thursday Folders
Thursday Folders:

Each Thursday a folder will be sent home with weekly (in grades 1-3; biweekly in grades 4-5) communications from the school and a chart that the teacher uses to communicate about events of the previous week at school. You will need to initial the chart when it is sent home.

Optional Music Programs

Beginning in third grade students may receive musical instruction during the school day for string instruments (violin, viola, cello, and bass). The lesson times for third grade depend on the number of students enrolled. String students in these grades will have a revolving schedule so as not to miss the same class every week. A separate ensemble time will be scheduled for each group. You will need to rent an instrument, and fees vary depending upon the instrument. Concerts are held twice a year.


Beginning in fourth grade, students may receive musical instruction for band instruments. You will receive a memo to inform you which instruments are available. Concerts are given twice a year.


Students in fourth and fifth grade are given the opportunity to voluntarily participate in chorus. Rehearsals are held during the school day, either at recess or at the end of a scheduled day. Students are required to sign a contract that demonstrates their understanding that they are joining chorus for the length of the school year. The HES Chorus performs at the holiday concert, Barnes & Noble (January/February), spring concert, Simulated Congressional Hearing, & 5th grade celebration.

Student Events
Student Pictures

Individual student photographs are typically taken in the fall. Class pictures are taken in the spring.

Class Pictures

Class pictures are usually taken in the spring. For kids who missed having their pictures taken in Fall, individual student pictures taken along with Class Pictures.

Spirit Days

These designated days are intended to add a little color to the end of the week. A theme will be announced in the weekly newsletter, such as funny hats or socks, scarves, sports jerseys, etc. On Spirit Days, HES Spiritwear may also be worn. Spiritwear means t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, shorts, caps and similar items emblazoned with the Hammond Elementary School name and/or mascot.

Hearing and Vision Testing

Hearing and vision tests are given each year to alternating grades. Scheduling will be announced in the weekly newsletter. If you would like your child tested, but his grade is not being tested that year, just send in a note and your child will be tested. There is no charge for this screening.

Parent Events
Back to School Night

In the beginning of the school year, two nights will be designated to visit your child's classroom and meet the teachers. Typically, the lower grades visit one night, and the upper grades visit a different night. The teachers will offer a presentation of the materials that will be covered during the year. Individual concerns should not be raised here; please schedule a separate appointment. In addition, a presentation is usually given to acquaint families with the Gifted and Talented (GT) program at Hammond.

American Education Week

During a designated week in November (11/13/2017 - 11/17/2017), parents are welcome to come and observe their child in his/her classroom.

Family Events
Book Fair

Once a year the school hosts a book fair, giving students and parents an opportunity to purchase books at reasonable prices. The book fair usually runs for one week. In addition, teachers leave their wish lists for their classrooms, and parents are invited to donate a book to their classroom.

Enrichment Fair

This is an evening program to showcase the achievements of students in all grades.

Field Day

In the spring a Field Day is held where students spend most of the day outside participating in active games and events. Parent volunteers are integral to the success of Field Day.

Field Trips

Every year each grade typically takes at least one field trip. Trips taken in recent school years have included: pumpkin picking at a local farm, a play at a local theater, an art museum, the Lady Baltimore boat trip, and an outdoor program in the Genesee Valley in Maryland. Field trips may be changed or deleted depending upon curriculum, time constraints, or other factors. All chaperones must receive volunteer training PRIOR to the field trip. The volunteer training is provided by HES and each volunteer must receive training annually.

Halloween Parade

On (or about) October 31, students are invited to participate in a school Halloween parade. No masks or weapons are allowed. It's fun to see the staff and students in their costumes. Parents are welcome to see the parade around the blacktop near the elementary school playground. The time of the parade will be announced.

Science Fair

Each year the children are given the opportunity to perform a science experiment or study and present the results at the fair. This is an optional but encouraged activity. Even if your child does not do a science project, you should visit the school on Science Fair night, as other student projects are presented. The fair is typically held in May.

Simulated Congressional Hearing

This is part of a Howard County Public School System's annual elementary school social studies program -- We The People Simulated Congressional Hearings. The hearings are the capstone for the fifth grade social studies curriculum in which students study American historical, political and constitutional issues. During the mock hearings, students testify, as expert witnesses, to demonstrate their understanding of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. Students are judged by a panel comprised of public officials, community representatives, constitutional scholars, parents, and state and local curriculum experts who sit as a congressional committee holding public hearings within each participating school. This event is usually held in May.

Kids Activities

This is a list of businesses in the community (more to come) that have been used personally by the ambassador families over the years with an overall positive experience:

  • Kuties Family Daycare
         Address: 8210 Mary Lee Lane, Laurel, MD 20723
Mini Golf and Batting Cages
Parks / Playgrounds:
  • Centennial Park
  • Lake Elkhorn (Owen Brown / Columbia)
  • Meadowbrook (Ellicott City)
Theater (both places have kid friendly shows)
World Languages