*BIG THANKS* for a fantastic Fall Festival!

It's time for a round of thank you's as we just had the best Fall Festival ever! Thank you to the amazing Mrs. Stephanie Jones and her Fall Festival team for putting together an fun filled evening. It was our most successful Fall Festival ever in terms of tickets sold and profit, but what made it really wonderful, was all of the comments from families that they had an awesome time.

So many thank you's are needed, but we want to focus on our HES staff today. Mrs. Miller was the mastermind behind the Top Secret Mission, Mr. Walsh ran another fantastic cake walk, Mrs. Krueger ran the ticket table, Mrs. Cavanaugh kept Tuffy safe and Ms. Ciarapica kept an eye on the rest of us. We also had Mrs. Armstrong, Ms. Serpico and Mr. Quirk share their classroom equipment and so many staff members that donated items for the silent auction basket and cakes for the cake walk. And we can't forget the Fabulous Facilities Crew provide all the tables and desks and chairs and garbage cans needed for the stations and stayed late to keep the building open so we could put everything away. And finally, thank you to all the volunteers-parents, staff, middle schoolers and high schoolers who ran stations, set-up and did clean-up. As you can see it takes a village to put on an event like this and we are so thankful every member of the HES village! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!